Support Up®— Veteran Ventures

Support Up® is a non-profit organization that hosts various retreats such as hunting expeditions, fishing trips, camping trips, hikes, etc. all in an effort to help veterans in the Midwest who are having a tough time with the transition out of the military. Whether it be financial, family, or PTSD problems, Support Up® aims to ease veteran's minds and get them out in nature. 

This organization was started by a good buddy of mine, Joey Hall, whom is a retired Marine himself. He came to me to make his initial identity for the brand, and I couldn't have been happier to accept and "Support Up" his motives. What he is doing is a great thing, and sends a great message to all who hear about and support his movement. If you would like to know more about Support Up® and/or are interested in future trips, contact Joey at:

(618) 797-8688