Schneider Creative Group

Schneider Creative Group was a project I did for Ben Schneider (CEO of Schneider Creative). He is a web developer with an ambition and drive that is going to take him and his company to great heights. He's young. He's hungry. He busts his ass. He goes after what he wants. Aside from his personal ventures into the entrepreneurial world, he is also a Founder for Cars and Coffee STL. He is an exotic car enthusiast, and if you can relate, you HAVE to check out his vlog

This was a really fun logo project, and Ben was great working with! I'm glad I had the opportunity to help him out on his business pursuits. 

Keep an eye out for him. He's going places!

If you want to learn more about Ben, he can be found on any of the following social media handles.

Instagram: benschneider06​

Twitter: @BerSchneiden

Facebook: Ben Schneider