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This was a project that I can say, without a doubt, I enjoyed threux and threux. And for the record, if you can't deal with the unnecessary involvement of puns, well, you will 100% hate me 90% of the time. But anyways, back to Reux. This served as a great opportunity to work with one of my closest friends, Brant Takmajian. I helped him create a brand identity for his pursuit in becoming a successful DJ/Producer. Not only in Tak's, (Reux's), daily life is he an overall great guy with enough charisma to fill a city block, but he also emits that lively personality into his shows.


I guess you could say he knows how to..."raise the reuxf" (This is where you make the "Is this guy serious?" look.) You know, the one when you tilt your head downward and peer through a person's soul with a completely straight face that looks slightly as if you have a question for them— but you really don't. The one that allows you to, without having to speak a single word, let the person know that you're saying, "Is this guy serious?"

I may or may have not gotten a few of these...

Nonetheless, if you made it this far and are intrigued with DJ Reux, then follow the link in the slider or in the photo above to check him out on Instagram and follow all of his upcoming events in the STL area!

p.s. If you don't, then you are just reuxd.

Ok, that was the last one...