Well hello there.


My name is Keagan Mouradian and I'm a 24 year old graphic designer in the St. Louis area.

I am passionate, self-driven, ambitious, and most importantly, curious. I like to emphasize curiosity as a trait, because it is what keeps me growing as a person. It is what helps me thrive in unfamiliar situations. It keeps me wanting to discover. The more I discover, the more I develop my skills and enhance my expertise.


I like having fun with my co-workers, and I pride myself in being empathetic and compassionate towards others in all aspects of life. A firm belief of mine is that EVERYONE knows something (or many things) that I don't. This mindset allows me to embrace the ideas of open-mindedness, acceptance and observance towards everything in my surroundings— including people, places, and situations. Furthermore, I feel as if this makes me adaptable in most environments.

I like to immerse myself in work environments that push me to learn and progress as not only a designer, but as a person in general.

Whether you are an employer, someone with questions about my work, or someone simply saying hello, I am open to all opportunities and encounters and I love meeting new people.


Anyways...please feel free to introduce yourself and say hello! My contact information is on the contact link on my main page.